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Kyrgyz Economical University (Kyrgyzstan) - Akcja 2

The Kyrgyz Economical University (Kyrgyzstan) has been participating in EM program since 2007. For two years it was the coordinating HEI among the consortium members throughout Kyrgyzstan. We have a sufficient working experience in realization of EM program, providing mobility of students and the academic personnel (trainees on bachelor, masters, doctors and post-doctors). At the current moment we are getting ready for participation in EM program (Action 2) in 2010, having prepared agreements of 5 Kyrgyzstan HEI:<br/> 1. Djalal-Abad University of Economics and Business<br/> 2. Talas State University<br/> 3. Bishkek Finance and Economics Academy<br/> 4. Kyrgyz Technical University<br/> 5. Naryn State University<br/> As it’s known, in accordance with the requirements, participation in the program of not less than one HEI from each country of Central Asia. European HEI – members of conso0rtium and one coordinating HEI from Europe with sufficient experience of participation in the EM program in such trends as: “Science of Business and Management” and “Engineering and Applied Technology” is necessary. We would be glad, if the Europe HEI have responded to our offer to cooperation with a view of maintenance of mobility of students and the academic personnel and also intercultural understanding and exchange, we ask to take into account that a deadline of submission of documents in program Еrasmus Мundus on April, 30, 2010.<br/> We wait your offers!

Osmonova Alina<br/> Head of International Department of Kyrgyz Economical University

Contact persons:<br/> Vice-rector of EMI of KEU Berdibaeva Kaken Tolebaevna<br/> Phone: + 996 312 32 55 74<br/> Mobile phone: + 996 550 88 31 61<br/> E-mail: kaken59@mail.ru<br/> Head of International Department of KEU Osmonova Alina<br/> Phone: + 996 312 32 51 23<br/> Mobile phone: + 996 778 59 17 64<br/>

Contact information:<br/> Web: www.keu.edu.kg<br/> E-mail: keukg@rambler.ru,<br/> Phone: + 996 312 32 51 23, 32 55 74<br/> Mobile phone: + 996 550 95 59 87<br/>

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