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Erasmus Mundus 1A - SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT INSITUTE (Latvia) looking for additional EU partner

SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT INSITUTE (Latvia)- coordinator, together with ALEXANDRU IOAN CUZA UNIVERSITY OF IASI (Romania), Technological Education Institute of Piraeus (Greece) and ST.PETERSBURG STATE POLYTECHICAL UNIVERSITY (Russia) are developing an EU proposal for Erasmus Mundus, Action 1 - Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Entrepreneurship.

The main aim of the course is to provide students with competence necessary for high quality integrated qualification in entrepreneurship which allow students both to start effectively their own business and conduct high-quality research in the area of contemporary entrepreneurship.

The Master Course is a two years long interdisciplinary course of 120 ECTS. The course consists of logically coherent modules on background in entrepreneurship, HRM, financial and qualitative aspects, entrepreneurial potential development, international business and national peculiarities of entrepreneurial business, mandatory student mobility period and is finalized by a Master’s Thesis.

Currently, coordinator and partners are in the process of searching for an EU university partner as a Specialization university that is interested in participation in the consortium and is ready to work together on the project.

If your university is interested in being a partner in this project, please contact:

Ms Angelina Rosha